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Propane Deliveries


We offer two types of deliveries to suit your needs - Automatic and Will Call.  We encourage all customers to have their tanks filled to eliminate un-neccesary return trips and reduce the chance of running out of propane.


Automatic Delivery -  Stay warm and worry-free about when to order propane by selecting our Automatic Delivery option.  When you select this delivery option, we are responsible to make sure that you do not run out of propane, provided that your account is current.


Will Call Delivery -  Some customers prefer to call us when they want a delivery.  They may opt for Will Call status because of their financial situation or use of alternate heat sources.  With this option, the customer is responsible to watch their tank gauge and call us to schedule a delivery when the gauge reads 30%.  That will ensure enough time to schedule a delivery and avoid a propane outage.  The minimum delivery is 100 gallons.  Should you find your tank extremely low or you have run out of propane, emergency service is available (additional charges apply).  If a propane outage occurs, a system safety check is required (additional charge).



Budget Payment -  Steady monthly payments throughout the year put an end to high winter bills.  Budget Billing will be made available to all customers after one year of service.  At that time, customers will have the option of making a regular monthly payment based on the prior year's usage.  Customers on our Budget Payment plan will also enjoy the convenience of our Automatic Delivery service.



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