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Dependable propane for your home...


Whether it's keeping you warm during the cold winter months, helping you get dinner on the table, or making sure your morning shower is a warm, welcome experience, JP2 Propane will be there for you.



Contact our friendly staff to help you set up an account, schedule to have lines run, if necessary, set a tank, and be on your way to efficient heating.


JP2 Propane can help save your business money by providing quality propane fuel at a price you can afford.


We are willing to sit down and review your company's fuel demands and work together to meet your consumption needs.


Call us today to schedule a free commercial heating analysis & quote.

Bottle Filling Station

We offer an onsite propane filling station. We refill portable tanks ranging in size from 5 - 100 lbs and also forklift cylinders and RV tanks.


Our refill price is a flat rate based on cylinder size. RV tanks are priced by the gallon.


We also have brand new, pre-filled 20lb cylinders available for purchase.  

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